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Many people worldwide have been unable to prove with documentation the rumors in their families that have circulated regarding tribal heritage.

For more information on how your family may confirm their roots, please visit:

Ancestry DNA Testing!

Science in the 21st century has revealed that unique Haplotypes are found in over 95% of indigenous people.

This is an easily located chain of genetic material that is obtained by the extraction of Mitochondria by utilizing a simple cheek swab.

This is good news to many folks, as for the first time ever in history, one can check for specific Haplogroups markers to confirm all the stories and legends passed down through the family.

This is exciting news! It affords the possibility of unenrolled descendants to reclaim their heritage, and to open doors of opportunity that can only be a gift from the Creator.

There are different kinds of tests one can do, results can be determined through both the Male and Female lines of descent depending on the type used.

This type of research is very important for many people so that they may confirm shared ancestors with others where results are compared to make that connection!

Once this has been accomplished, one may then have their results compared to known data banks of other individuals from all sorts of ethnic groups and locations in order to determine potential family relations!

In situations where you descend from an individual outside of a direct line, it is now becoming very popular for genealogists to contact a cousin or one of the direct descendants of either the direct Maternal or Paternal lines. This can be used as a means to confirm your branch in the event your relationship is not as direct by including these cousins as a proof of your own pedigree.

An example would be your maternal grandfather's mother's line, or say a paternal grandmother's father's line.

Contacting cousins who are connected by either direct paternal or maternal lines can establish your own lineage through their connection! This new practice makes certain you can confirm your ancestry for your entire family! Very Exciting!

This opens doors for familes that have been closed for centuries. In the uniting of our familes by honoring our ancestors, we take the first steps in assuring future generations of their true heritage by the definitive proof of their genetic history!

Recently this issue has come to the forefront in the genealogical community, as it has been confirmed what a valuable tool that this can be to your genealogy research.

For instance, just within the last year or so an individual whom had been told that his father was related to Daniel Boone, was able to establish without a doubt his relationship to the family!

Not ever having known his father, nor having paperwork to confirm he was a Boone descendant, this individual now has the legal evidence to establish his roots, and is now in the process of legally changing his name as a result of the findings.

This was accomplished by comparing the markers of his genes to known members of the Boone family that confirmed beyond one shadow of a doubt that he was truly a relative.

This was done by the utilization of a bank system where markers are kept for the purpose of the comparison of one chain to another to confirm the undeniable connection of lineage as needed today by the courts.

People who undergo this type of solution can now not only establish tribal roots, but with more detailed results that are affordable to almost anyone, you may have your data compared to other known families and confirm your connection once and for all!

Just think... if you have the ability to compare your results to match those of people whom are enrolled members of a Federally Recognized Tribe as a means to confirm your family ties, then you can most certainly see the possibilities in regards to family relations.

This is what most people exploring their family history are interested in, it is about families and to whom we are related as created by the hands of Almighty God.

If you are like myself, you are interested in knowing your extended family history. This is also good knowledge for health reasons in the event that a particular illness or family trait is known to run in your family.

For instance, a relative is ill and doctors can't ascertain just what is wrong, perhaps knowing the information in regards to previous health concerns that appeared in a family could have the potential to save lives in the long run!

Not so far fetched folks. It most certainly is being done right now. There are instances of people with undefined illnesses that have sought extended family members for the purpose of determining if a particular illness runs in the family. As everyone knows, most illness diagnosis is determined by process of elimination and not usually a direct diagnosis in most cases.

Right now, there is a group of people in California that is using comparison markers to confirm their descent from Mission Tribes whom were recognized by Spain that were scattered because of war and assimilation.

These descendants are now able to use their results to confirm they descend from these ancestors! This was done by using the material extracted from an unearthed cemetery that was uncovered by accident by construction workers that had been building on the grounds of an old Spanish Mission.

The people recently have banded together to provide evidence that they qualify for federal recognition based on the findings!

People who have been unable to establish their lineage to a specific people because of the lack of written documentation may now utilize this important evidence to confirm their family history.

That is incredible! As someone who is interested in family history, this is the most exciting turn of events I have ever witnessed!

Many people are unenrolled descendants, it is our goal to build a living community of those individuals who are willing to explore this new frontier to determine irrefutable evidence of their heritage.

Nothing can be more exciting than having the 100% acknowledgement of your ancestry for your family! This is especially true when your family has searched for decades for the answers.

This is Genealogy at its finest hour!

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