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The Dene are a group of indigenous peoples that live in the Arctic regions of Canada. The Dene speak languages of the Athabaskan language group, a subset of the Na-Dene language family, and were the first people to settle in what is now the Northwest Territories.

The Dene include five main groups:

Chipewyan (Denesuline), living east of Great Slave Lake;

Tli Cho (Dogrib), living between Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes;

Yellowknives (T'atsaot'ine), formerly living north of Great Slave Lake, and now absorbed into the Chipewyan;

Slavey (Deh Gah Got'ine), living along the Mackenzie River (Deh Cho) southwest of Great Slave Lake;

Sahtu (Sahtu' T'ine), including the Locheux, Nahanni, and Bear Lake peoples, in the southwestern NWT.

Well-known Dene include Ethel Blondin-Andrew, MP for Western Arctic (the federal riding that comprises the Northwest Territories). The Canadian television series North of 60 took place among a Dene community.

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