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The Cree form an aboriginal nation of North America. They range from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean in both Canada and the United States. Their ancestral Cree language was once the most widely spoken in northern North America, but now not all Crees are fluent in it. English and French are more commonly used.

They are the largest group of First Nations in Canada with over 200,000 members. The Cree were known for openness to inter-tribal marriage. The Michif are a group of mixed Cree and primarily French Canadian heritage, although it is generally accepted in academic circles that the term Metis can be used to refer to a combination of any Aboriginal and European lineage.

The Quebec Cree nation calls its homeland Eeyou Istchee (Cree for Land of the People). One famous leader is Grand Chief Ted Moses from the community of Eastmain in northern Quebec.

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